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Son of a Gun

January 28th, 2008 by Bahama

As a parent you try to raise your kids to grow to be adults who can make good responsible choices…..


It doesn’t always work….

Bermuda-Jr’s corpse

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Our First Home

January 26th, 2008 by Bahama

Not long after we arrived in Mos Eisley, Bermuda was ready to explore other places.  While I liked the familiarity of Mos Eisley, he convinced me that Bestine would be a perfect choice for our hometown. There were many perks to Bestine including the convenience of a star port, a local tailor trainer and significantly fewer helper droids cluttering the landscape.  He purchased our very first home and set it up a short distance outside Bestine.  We were home at last.

Here’s me in front of our new home in the vehicle he bought for me (back in those days, they didn’t give them out for free).

Our First Home

The home is filled with good memories.  My husband bought me private crafting machines to set up.  I returned the favor by keeping him well clothed and providing snacks and drinks when he returned from long, hard missions.  He would fill my backpacks with resources and loot I could use to in my crafting, come and kill red dots off when they came uncomfortably close to our house and brought me items to use in decorating our small home.

Though Bermuda has mysteriously vanished, I still keep our homestead in Bestine in case he returns one day.  He’ll find his snacks waiting on the table as always and his weapons waiting for him on the wall.

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Yawah Comes to visit

January 26th, 2008 by Bahama

Shortly after we began our adventures in the universe our friend, Yawah, came to visit.  It was nice.  When she wasn’t practicing her entertainer skills in the cantina, she’d help me sample for resources in the streets of Mos Eisley.

Sampling with Yawah

Sadly, she left us.  We grieved… and then looted her still warm corpse.

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A Long Time Ago…. In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

January 24th, 2008 by Bahama

Back in June 2004, my husband logged into Star Wars Galaxies on a trial account.  I sat with him as he created his character.  When we got to the part where he needed to choose his name, I suggested Bermuda Bob after the stuffed ape we purchased in Bermuda on our first vacation together.  He decided to skip the ‘Bob’ and instead just named his character Bermuda.

Within a few days he urged me to get my own trial account.  I resisted a bit at first given my distaste for games where you shoot stuff, go shoot more stuff and then go shoot more stuff.  He insisted that there was more to this game and sincerely thought I’d enjoy it.  So I signed up and created my character. My husband reasoned that I should call her Bahama since he was Bermuda.  And so Bahama was born.

After looking at the various professions available, I determined my strongest interest lie in tailoring.  I acquired various survey tools and started crafting items to gain experience.  Too scared to venture out into the world, I gathered my resources within Mos Eisley’s borders.  I always kept a close eye on my scope for the red dots I went out of my way to avoid. 

My husband encouraged me to pick up some medical skills.  I think he hoped that in the end I would adventure with him as his personal combat medic.  Wishful thinking. 😉 Still I enjoyed the atmosphere in the medical center. I enjoyed chatting with patients as I healed their wounds.  I found I could practice my crafting in the medical center, stopping to tend to patients as they came in sporadically.  In this way I continued to increase both my medical and tailoring skills.

Needless to say, I was hooked by the end of the trial. Both my husband and I switched to paid subscriptions and continued to play.

My First Kill

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