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Waiting for the Sunrise

February 29th, 2008 by Bahama

Sunrise at Doaba Guerfel

On my way into Journey’s End I saw a spectacular sunset the other day.  I stopped, got out of my vehicle to snap a photo of it for my scrapbook.  Just as I’d found the perfect angle to capture the beautiful image, storm clouds swooped in and hid it from view.

So it is with the Beowulf Squadron as well.  I suppose in many respects I fully expected our guild to come to an end.  After all, nothing lasts forever.   Still, I wasn’t prepared for how hard the news hit me and I’ve been trying to figure out why.

Certainly I’ve enjoyed meeting many of the guild members.  Nice folks.  But I’m sure I’ll still see them around.

Our guild leader, Jaegen Fenris, has decided to move on.  I know I’ll miss the interest and drama he’s brought to my world in recent months.  I’ve enjoyed working with him for the common good of the guild as well as the opportunity to get to know him personally.  But what I’m feeling can’t be summed up as the loss of a single friend either.

No, I guess what I’ll miss most is regular opportunity to invest in something that wasn’t simply for my own personal gain.  Sure, I love my business but, in many cases, my efforts amount to little more than a ‘sold’ email from my vendor and a couple of credits.  I joined this guild thinking I’d just hang out a bit and avoid any guild responsibility. Last time I joined a guild I was quickly sucked into that and in the end was left frustrated and annoyed with mismanagement issues, increasing responsibility and skewed expectations.  No way I was going to repeat all that!

Except that I quickly found that not investing in the guild at all was unfulfilling as well.  So I kicked it up a notch and volunteered to solve a few problems I saw.  I made myself available to help welcome new members and helped with some minor administrative tasks here and there.  Nothing big or earth shattering or even important.  But nevertheless, it felt good to contribute.  I’d struck the perfect balance. 

I suppose that’s part of what made Journey’s End feel so much like home to me.  I was invested in it’s improvement without being overwhelmed by it.  I was comfortable and happy there.  Much of the credit for that goes to Mr. Fenris for allowing me to participate without forcing titles and responsibilities on me (well, until he asked me to be temporary Mayor lol).  I appreciated how willing he was to listen, his flexibility and understanding.

So now I’m waiting for the final weeks to tick by.  I’ve got plenty of things to do…. remodel my shop, mentor Jamaica, shop for supplies, design new outfits, increase my customer base….. but I’m keenly aware the sun is slowly setting on this chapter in my life.  And I’m waiting for the sun to rise on my next adventure.

Time Travel

February 23rd, 2008 by Bahama

At the risk of sounding like an old lady, I miss the good old days…. before personal starships. 

Back in the days when everyone took public transportation the starports were filled with folks traveling from here to there and back again.  Traveling wasn’t a matter taken lightly as it cost time and money.  You planned a trip. Sometimes you even saved credits for a trip.

Once your ticket was in hand, you had to wait. And wait.  And wait.  But you did not usually wait alone.  The starport would often be filled with interesting folks who were also waiting. 

While waiting some would practice their music providing entertainment for those around them.  You could hear funny stories, questions, arguments and discussions happening all around you.  It was time for a medic to do a quick heal, for a doctor to do a buff,  for combat professionals to spar and for a tailor to make an item for a customer.  Friends caught up on their way to their next big adventure. Enemies traded insults to pass the time. 

There was a unique interaction between people.  One above and beyond what takes place in the darkness of a cantina. Rich, poor, combat, merchant, traveling near or far…. we all were waiting for that same ship to land and that same ticket droid to take our ticket. 

Sadly, these days most people walk up to the starship terminal and are gone in a flash.  Sure, it’s convenient and cheap and quick.  But it lacks the charm and interest of traveling the old fashioned way.

Waiting at the Starport

Mayor of the Month

February 19th, 2008 by Bahama

Mayor for a Month

I suppose you’d have to know me better to understand just how funny this photo is.  I much prefer flying under the radar to fancy titles or positions of responsibility.  Yet, there it is, in black and white.  I’m mayor of Journey’s End for the month. 

Mayor Fenris asked if I would step in briefly while he was away on personal business.  I followed his orders to put my name on the ballet and then waited for him to send orders to everyone else to vote for me.  I don’t want anyone to be mislead into thinking I’ve won any sort of contest here.  It was nothing more than citizens putting their faith in the directives of our accomplished mayor. 

While I’m flattered by Mayor Fenris’ trust in me, no one will be more relieved than I when my time expires. Still, I couldn’t resist grabbing a photo for the scrapbook.  It’s the only way my grandchildren will every believe such an incredible tale. 

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Exceptional Generosity

February 9th, 2008 by Bahama

I witnessed an act of exceptional generosity today.

It started when someone contacted me late last night.  I was busy at the time and asked them to please send me an email with her order and I would fill it over the weekend.

This morning I opened the email. She wanted a Twi’lek noble crest. I’ve never made one before. It called for 10 units of green diamond, a very rare type of gemstone. 

I searched vendors across the galaxy but the cheapest I could find was 10,000 credits for a single unit.  I’ve never seen any resource cost that much.  A further search for information through the crafting network revealed no other potential source.  I hate letting customers down, but with little choice I sent word to her about the situation.

As I expected, she was put off by the cost.  As a last resort I checked with my guildmates to see if anyone had any ideas about where to find green diamond.  I was surprised when Ik’o answered back that she had a stash of it.  I informed her of my market research and the potential windfall she had in her hands. 

I was shocked when she agreed to simply give my customer what she needed.  We needed twenty units total to make the two noble crests she had originally requested.  She gave the customer a hundred.  That amount of this rare, possibly extinct, resource might have fetched her a million credits had she sold it.

I know a couple of million dollars might not be a big deal to some.   But had I offered as much to this customer it would have been 1/7 of all the credits I have. 

To add to her act of generosity she then offered some to me!  I was touched but politely declined.  She gave me some anyway. :) It was an extraordinary act of generosity I won’t soon forget.

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An 8 Million Credit Shirt

February 9th, 2008 by Bahama

Casual Shirt

 When I first came back to the galaxy I found that technology had advanced while I was away.  The reverse engineering tool had been invented and tailors were using them to deconstruct enhanced clothing items to make new and better clothing.

Joy.  One of the main reasons I’d chosen tailoring as my career in the first place was because there was no experimentation involved.  None.  Experimentation involves luck and skill, neither of which I have.  I was approached a few times about making enhanced items early on, prompting me to obtain a tool and make an attempt at figuring out how the whole process works.  I took a few notes and played around a bit. But I soon found that although it was less profitable, there was still a market for non-enhanced items.  I packed away my reverse engineering tool having only ever made one enhanced item. A shirt, for my son.

Today I was approached by a gentleman looking for an enhanced shirt.  He had everything I needed, just wanted me to put it together for him.  That didn’t seem too difficult so I agreed.  Upon opening the pack he handed me I immediately froze.  He had given me three 35 power bits.  These are rare.  These were nothing I could ever create in my wildest dreams. Not even surrounded by an army of buffing musicians and a yacht full of lucky trinkets.

While trying not to sound too impressed, I casually asked him how much he estimated the pack he had handed me was worth.  He replied about 8 million credits.

I tried to look cool as I re-read my notes and carefully proceeded. I checked and re-checked every step.  With two of the steps complete I checked the status of the attachment I’d created.  It wasn’t what I’d expected. 

“Uh oh.  Please tell me I did NOT screw this up.”, I said to myself.  What had gone wrong.  I looked back over my notes.  I’d followed the steps why didn’t this look right at all?!

I began calculating the cost of my mistake.  I could clean out my whole bank account and still not have enough to reimburse this gentleman for my mistake.  How would I even tell him?

I swallowed hard and told him, “Uh, I think there might be a problem.”  At that point I’m not sure which of us was more concerned.  I told him it looked as if the power had been reduced in the process.  “Impossible”, he said.  Yet I was staring at the numbers.  Only +11 on the first modification and only +7 on the second. 

I was prepared for all hell to break loose at this point, hoping only that he wouldn’t insist that I sell my house to cover what my bank account could not.

He sort of laughed at me.  Then informed me that indeed, that’s what the finished product should look like.   Phew.  Never been so shaken, or relieved, in my whole life.  I finished the process and handed him back his pack, complete with a perfectly constructed 8 million credit shirt.

I’m just hoping no one else asks me to construct enhanced items for them.  It’s emotionally exhausting!

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What’s a Tailor To Do?

February 8th, 2008 by Bahama

Ages ago I got a great tip on combat from an entertainer.  He suggested that if you were a trader or an entertainer and something attacked you, RUN! 

I took his advice to heart.  Knowing how inept I am in emergency situations, I even went to the trouble to devise and practice a series of reactions. 

  1. Scream for HELP!  With any luck there’d be someone nearby who’d take notice and come to my rescue.
  2. Run as fast as I could away from whatever was attacking me.
  3. Yell and scream some more.

Brilliant, I know. 

So yesterday when Super Battle Droids invaded our quiet little town, I did what any good tailor would do.   I hid inside and watched my poor guildmates try to kill him off.

Battling the Super Battle Droid

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Pride in a Job Well Done

February 7th, 2008 by Bahama

Master Tailor at Last! 

From the time I began my work as a tailor, I’ve always taken a lot of pride in my work.

Even back in the days when I was just starting out.  I carefully sampled for all my materials and put every item together by hand.  I’ve since switched to purchasing my materials in bulk, leaving my survey tools to collect dust in the bank.  But I continue to make each item of clothing by hand. 

I know many who use ‘automated’ crafting tools  and factories who think I’m a bit nuts or at least a little silly for not taking advantage of the technology.  I just don’t find that satisfying.

I’d much rather meet my customer in person and make them a shirt to match their favorite pair of pants.  Or that jacket in just the right hue to complete their look.  Or let them try on several pairs of pants to see which style suits them best.

I prefer working this way so much that I offer a 25% discount off my very reasonable list prices for customers who contact me personally and special order their garments.

Sure, there’ll always be a market for the standard black clothes, but with about 6 million different color and item combinations it’s far more satisfying to craft by hand that perfect item for a specific customer.

My Home at Journey’s End

February 2nd, 2008 by Bahama

Journey’s End 

Over the years there have been several places I’ve called home. First, of course, Mos Eisley, though we never actually owned a home there.  Then it was on to Bestine where Bermuda and I settled together.

Then came the day when my husband first took me to Theed.  I immediately fell in love with it. It was around that time that I was mastering my craft and I was looking for a place to set up shop. Theed has been my home base ever since. 

But more recently I’ve been calling yet another place home.  Journey’s End. How I ended up in another guild after swearing I’d never join again, I’m not sure. The fact that Beowulf Squadron is geared toward pilots makes the whole thing even more absurd. (More to come later on my failed attempts to fly.) In the end, Mayor Jaegen Fenris, persuaded me to give guild life another try. 

It’s turned out to be a lovely place to live and work. I spend a great deal of my time these days crafting in the guild mall, breaking to chat with residents when they happen by or welcoming new members to our city. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many interesting people. 

If you live in the neighborhood and are interested in joining a guild who’s main focus is building commuity and helping one another (particularly traders, entertainers and pilots), don’t hesitate to contact me in-game.  I’m happy to introduce you to Mayor Fenris or tell you more about my experience.

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Getting Back in Business

February 2nd, 2008 by Bahama

 When I returned to the galaxy a couple of months ago, my first priority was putting my business back in order. 

Local authorities had considered my extended absence abandonment, packed my houses and redistribuited my property. Luckily, the site of my original |Bahama-Wear| shop in Theed hadn’t been taken, so I replaced it. I wasn’t as lucky with my property in Lake Retreat. The land on which I originally built my shop and bed and breakfast had been taken over by new residents. I searched around the lake and eventually found a spot for my shop across the lake from where it used to be. The shop does a surprising amount of business for a little town so far out of the way. Lake Retreat offers some of the best fishing in the galaxy. My fishing supply vendor sells poles and bait to tourists in need of a relaxing pastime. For those who forgot to pack, I keep a stock of bathing suits and casual clothing. 

It would seem that there are fewer weddings at Lake Retreat these days but the bridal vendor is still there for the bride in need of something to wear for her big day… for now.

Lake Retreat Essentials

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