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Exceptional Generosity

February 9th, 2008 by Bahama

I witnessed an act of exceptional generosity today.

It started when someone contacted me late last night.  I was busy at the time and asked them to please send me an email with her order and I would fill it over the weekend.

This morning I opened the email. She wanted a Twi’lek noble crest. I’ve never made one before. It called for 10 units of green diamond, a very rare type of gemstone. 

I searched vendors across the galaxy but the cheapest I could find was 10,000 credits for a single unit.  I’ve never seen any resource cost that much.  A further search for information through the crafting network revealed no other potential source.  I hate letting customers down, but with little choice I sent word to her about the situation.

As I expected, she was put off by the cost.  As a last resort I checked with my guildmates to see if anyone had any ideas about where to find green diamond.  I was surprised when Ik’o answered back that she had a stash of it.  I informed her of my market research and the potential windfall she had in her hands. 

I was shocked when she agreed to simply give my customer what she needed.  We needed twenty units total to make the two noble crests she had originally requested.  She gave the customer a hundred.  That amount of this rare, possibly extinct, resource might have fetched her a million credits had she sold it.

I know a couple of million dollars might not be a big deal to some.   But had I offered as much to this customer it would have been 1/7 of all the credits I have. 

To add to her act of generosity she then offered some to me!  I was touched but politely declined.  She gave me some anyway. :) It was an extraordinary act of generosity I won’t soon forget.

3 Responses to “Exceptional Generosity”

  1. Jeff

    Ik’o is a good friend and, quite possibly, the nicest individual I’ve ever met in a video game. She even keeps my pet Varactyl well fed for free! :)


  2. I must say, I am confused. I’ve been going through this blog and I can’t tell what it’s all about. This must be a computer sim of some kind?

    Very interesting what ever it is…


  1. 1

    […] get to know the other members.   They really are a nice bunch of people.  I wrote before about the generosity of one member.  It seems that it’s a quality that extends to the others in the group as […]

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