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Archive for June, 2008

Bermuda Returns!

June 30th, 2008 by Bahama

After long years of waiting, Bermuda returned today. A blip on my datapad alerted me to his arrival and I immediately flew to Bestine to meet him. 

There he was, looking much like he did when he left.


First thing he did was pull out all his old toys.



Then, in typical Bermuda fashion, he was off like a shot to find things to kill.  I kissed him and got this in return…

Smack Bottom




Special Promotion

June 29th, 2008 by Bahama

-Haruko-’s New Gunship 

We joined Captain Fenris and -Haruko- aboard a very special ship for a very special ceremony recently.

-Haruko-, a extraordinary pilot and devoted member of our guild, acquired a rare gunship through her many hard fought battles in space.  This feat of courage and skill earned her a promotion from Captain to Admiral.

Capt. Fenris’ Speech

Captain Fenris conducted a promotion ceremony and gave a touching speech.  Though I know -Haruko- might have been a bit uncomfortable with the spotlight given her quiet and humble nature, I was glad that we, her guildmates, had an opportunity to show how proud we are of her.

A Remarkable Offer

June 21st, 2008 by Bahama

City Tour

One thing I love about being a member of the Beowulf Squadron (besides knowing a bunch of excellent pilots who can help me if I get into trouble) is the opportunity to get to know the other members.   They really are a nice bunch of people.  I wrote before about the generosity of one member.  It seems that it’s a quality that extends to the others in the group as well.

The other day I met Nian at my shop.  She invited me to come see her house located just on the other side of Theed.  It had recently been built and was largely unfurnished but it was stunning.  The house was huge.  The rooms were gigantic.  It was spacious while also being quite homey. 

And then there was the view.  Even though it was a cloudy day, standing on the rooftop patio inspired awe.  As we descended through the maze of corridors, I thanked her for taking the time to show me her incredible home.

As we reached the front steps, she told me how she’d noticed the dangerous creatures circling my shop and wondered if such a small house could provide enough space for my business.  As she talked the sun came out and the view of Theed, in all her glory, was before me.

The View

Then she said, “Bahama, I’d like to offer you this house.” 

I stared at her in disbelief.  There was shock, then excitement at the thought of running my business out of such a beautiful place.  Then  came sadness as I thought about the loss of my shop… the one that stood in that same spot for so many years.  I stood for a moment and gazed at the view in silence.

Finally, I turned to her.  I told her that I was completely blown away that she’d offer me such a thing…. but that I’d have to decline.  As nice as her house was, I realized I really couldn’t be happier than I was with my little shop, surrounded by obnoxious creatures. 

She was sweet about it and said she understood.  She then offered to let me stay there with her on nights when a trip back to Journey’s End would be too much.  I readily accepted.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve resorted to sleeping on that couch in the back room of my shop!

Bahama and Nian

Still, what she gave me was far more than access to a guest room.  Now each time I make that familiar trip from the starport to my shop, I’m reminded how much I love my little shop.  I once took it for granted because it was just what I had. Now I appreciate it because it’s what I chose.

A Dangerous Place

June 15th, 2008 by Bahama

It seems the whole universe has gotten more dangerous recently.  I’m very careful when travelling and quick to run from anything remotely dangerous.  You might say I’m obsessed with avoiding trouble.

One of the things I always loved about Theed was that the city itself was relatively safe.  Back when I hung out in Mos Eisley, I hated that you had to watch out for the occasional lunatic with a weapon who’d parade through the city targeting folks at random.  It was a relief to be in Theed where, for the most part, the lunatics were harmless.  You could walk around without fear.

Or so I thought.  Twice in recent weeks I’ve found myself in the cloning center for doing nothing other than being in the plaza at the wrong time.  First I was taken out by a rogue super battle droid.  Something obviously went wrong with his programming and he attacked me without cause.

Today some strange pack of rabid creatures appeared outside the starport and attacked everyone standing there…. including me. 

To make matters worse, some giant slug keeps popping up out of no where while I’m fishing in Lake Retreat, another place I’ve always loved because it felt safe.

Has the whole universe suddenly gotten more dangerous? Or have I simply been deceived about my safety all this time?

Tiny Fambaa

June 13th, 2008 by Bahama

The other day my good friend and guildmate, Kenria, announced she was going to start training a couple of new pets. 

Bermuda always had an avid interest in creatures. He tamed and trained more pets than I could keep track of.  There isn’t a whole lot I haven’t seen.

Desperately bored from stocking vendors, I asked her which types of creatures they were.  Alice, she informed me, was a fambaa.   I’m not much of a fan of the fambaa.  They have a nasty habit of stomping about my shop while I’m trying to work.  Sometimes the ground shakes so violently that it interferes with my crafting.  It’s difficult to sew a straight line in an earthquake. 

I warned Kenria she should be careful not to get caught underfoot the great beast.  She replied back that it wasn’t a concern at the moment since she the baby was only waist high.  What?  Waist high? 

I’ve seen a lot of fambaa… but never one that small!  So I ran over to Mos Eisley to see Alice for myself. 

Kenria with Alice

Alice was indeed very small.  The smallest fambaa I’ve ever seen.  She was adorable.  But Kermit, the chuba, had her beat in sheer ferocity. :)

Kermit Combat

A Couple of Rings

June 12th, 2008 by Bahama

I was working in my shop the other day when a couple came in. 

The woman walked in and the gentleman ran in after her yelling, “Hey!”

I said hello and asked if there was anything I could help them with.  The woman ignored me and walked over to the vendor.  The gentleman looked at me and said, “I need a ring.”  Before I had a chance to respond the woman said, “Come on, I got one.” 

“Well I need one”, he replied.  In a harsh tone she said, “You didn’t get yourself one??!!”   Sheepishly he replied, “No.”  She marched back over to the vendor and purchased a second ring.   I smiled gently at the gentleman and said, “Looks like she’s got it for you.”

She swung around abruptly and said, “There!  Now let’s go.”  She was out the door in a flash.  The gentleman politely thanked me and then ran after her.

I give that marriage 3 days.

Building a Better Beowulf Squadron

June 7th, 2008 by Bahama

The town isn’t the only thing that Capt. Jaegen Fenris has been working on lately.  He’s recently recuited several talented individuals, each with something unique to add to our group.  I’ve really enjoyed getting to know them all. 

The new cantina’s been getting a workout from the talented entertainers…

Beowulf Entertainers 2

They really know how to put on a great show!

Enjoy the show!

One of our new members was kind enough to invite us aboard her yacht.

Aboard the Yacht

Captain Fenris couldn’t resist showing off some of his best ships….

Jaegen’s Ships 1

Jaegen’s Ships 2

I’m looking forward to spending more time with all the interesting folks we have in the guild.  You’re welcome to come join us! 😉

Guildie Chat

Journey’s End Remodel

June 7th, 2008 by Bahama

Guild Hall Lobby

In the short time since Mayor Jaegen Fenris has return to Journey’s End, he’s cleaned out the guild hall and redecorated the lobby, the roof and his office in City Hall.  They all display his talent for interior design.

Guild Hall Roof

I’ve even got a new office in the building!

My Office

It might just be me, but even the sunsets in Journey’s End seem more beautiful these days…

Sunset at Journey’s End

One Man’s Trash

June 5th, 2008 by Bahama

Sunset over Merchant Tent

I was out doing some bargain hunting the other day.  I did a search for all items selling for a credit.   I picked up a couple of paintings, a load of couches we used to decorate the guildhall and various little nick-nacks.  Good deals, all of them.

A pack for sale caught my eye.  It was named “+20 Power Bits”.   I don’t do much work at all with enhanced items.  The couple of time I’ve bothered to enhance a piece of clothing it’s been just to add +10 luck to a wedding gown.  After all, every girl should have as much luck as possible on her big day!

To someone who doesn’t work with them much, +20 power bits are quite high.  The limit is +35 and it takes someone with a lot of experience and luck to produce that.  I personally can’t make a +5 bit so I quickly saved the waypoint for the +20 pack and went to check it out.

The vendor the pack appeared on had only a few items on it.  Other packs were labeled ‘+30 bits’ and ‘+35 bits’.   Every other pack was listed for the maximum number of credits – so not really for sale at all.  Why the heck would someone be dumping a pack full of +20’s?

I purchased the pack and was immediately guilt ridden.  It had to be a mistake.  None of the other packs were for sale.  A pack with 34 +20 bits was certainly worth more than a credit.  This poor trader had made a mistake and here I was taking advantage.  Shame on me!

I quickly took down the name of the woman who owned the rest of the packs on the vendor and added her to my friend list.  When she showed up as available, I tentatively sent her a tell.

“I bought a pack from your vendor yesterday.  I think it might have been a mistake”, I began.   “The +20 power bits?”, she replied.   See.  I knew it.  Too good to be true.  It was a mistake.  I started thinking about whether I’d retained the waypoint for the shop so I could return it to her…

“No, that wasn’t a mistake.  I don’t use the 20’s.  Only 30’s and up.”, she said.  I reread that line over and over with my jaw hanging low.  Whoa!  She doesn’t even use the +20’s.  They’re beneath her.  She continued, “I was actually planning to fill that pack up with 20’s before you bought it.”  

Needless to say, I’ve saved the waypoint of that vendor.  One man’s trash…(No, you can’t have it.  Go find your own trash! :P)

Master Trader – Part III

June 2nd, 2008 by Bahama

You can have multiple factories, vendors, crafting tools, tons of high quality resources, adequate storage, a great brand name, a well researched price list and a fancy droid with a crafting station installed…but without customers, you’re not a trader. 

So how do you go about getting customers?  There’s many different strategies and which will work for you depends on what line of business you’re in, what kind of business you run and even your personality.  But here’s a few good places to start:

  • Put your tag up.  Choose a tag that clearly describes the trade you’re in.  Make it easy for folks to see what you do and they’ll be more likely to approach you about your products.
  • Walk.  Now that you’ve got your tag up give them time to read it.  When you’re in a public place walk, don’t run.
  • Go out and meet people.  People like to buy from someone who’s familiar.  Get out of the shop and do some crafting in the cantina.  Chat with folks at the bank. Talking with folks about general things can open the door to discuss what your business can do for them.
  • Be polite.  Always. Even the Dark Lord himself doesn’t want to do business with someone who’s lacking in social graces.  Any time you’re out in public your potential customers are watching you.  Act like you care.
  • Follow up.  If you have a positive conversation with someone about your business don’t forget to follow up!  Send them an email telling them you enjoyed meeting or talking with them… and don’t forget to include the waypoint to your vendor.  If someone asks for a product you can’t yet make, take down the name and item.  Email them when you learn to make it.  Even if they’ve already bought the item elsewhere chances are good that they, or someone they know, will want it in the future.
  • Give it away.  Freebies are a great way to get your brand name out there while also improving your reputation with potential customers.  It doesn’t have to be big and fancy.  Choose something you can afford to give away.

If you put your focus on your customers (not your level) you’re sure to become a successful trader :)