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Archive for August, 2011

Alone? Not so much….

August 6th, 2011 by Bahama

For all the drama I created over his absence, Bermuda was back within a few weeks and things were back to usual. He was back to adventuring and I was still busy about the task of learning everything I could about my chosen fields.

I continued my work toward becoming a master tailor but it was slow going.  I made each item carefully by hand.  To me, tailoring was an art.  It wasn’t about quantity.  Even then I knew that I had no interest in mass producing large numbers of standard, black shirts and pants.  There was nothing I enjoyed more than to work with a customer one on one, designing each piece specifically for them.

It was around this time that I had an unexpected boost toward completing my medical education.  I had made a goal to become a master doctor.  Not really so much as a career, more of a hobby. I had no interest in starting my own practice.  I just figured it would come in handy when Bermuda returned home from his adventures with various ailments.

Things were slow but steady at the medical center.  There were sometimes many doctors looking to practice their skills so I’d have to wait patiently for my rotation.  Well, I suppose I didn’t have to.  There were always folks hanging around the medical center, willing to self-injure and subject themselves to your treatment…. usually for a price. 

I found this practice distasteful and refused to take part in it.  If I was going to bother to earn my medical degree, I was going to really earn it – even if it took me much, much longer to do so.  I made it my personal policy to only heal ‘real’ wounds.  If you self-injured, sorry,  you were clearly in need of a mental doctor and I couldn’t help you with that.

One day I was taking a break in the Bestine cantina.  Not my favorite place to be, but the day was hot and I needed a glass of tea and a break from the four walls of the medical center.  I was surprised to get a tell from a name I did not recognize.  He said he had something to give me. 

I scanned the cantina but could not see him anywhere.  Before I had a chance to respond, he said, “Look in your datapad.  I put something there for you.”

What?!  How could he access my datapad?!!  I opened my datapad fully expecting this prankster’s lie to be exposed and instead found…

Medical Droid

a perfectly designed surgical droid?!

To this day I have no idea who this person was or how they knew I needed this droid.  And I still can’t figure out how they managed to put it there in my datapad without my knowledge.  It will forever remain a mystery.

But despite the lack of information about it’s origins, I wasted no time putting that droid to good use.  The droid gave me the ability to practice my medicine on the go – outside the medical center – anywhere.

I set up an emergency room at the starport.  There I was able to heal wounds and cure sickness as folks unloaded from the transport. I gained enough experience to reach master doctor within a matter of days.

I’ve always wished I could thank that mysterious stranger for allowing me to fulfill my dream so quickly while maintaining my dignity and ethics.

Wild Gnort

August 5th, 2011 by Bahama

The best part of visiting Naboo was the chance to see my favorite creature in the whole galaxy.  You could find families of the gentle, adorable gnorts grazing just outside Theed.  It was one factors that eventually led me to build my shop there sometime later.

Wild Gnort

That Guild Thing

August 5th, 2011 by Bahama

Not long after Bermuda left I was invited to join a guild.  I’d only chatted with the guild leader for a few minutes so I had very little information to base my decision on.

Up to this point, I’d simply declined any and all guild invites.  I didn’t really have desire or need to join one.  But with my main hide supplier, pest remover and companion gone, I decided it was a good time for me to step out of my comfort zone.

I joined and he led me to Dantooine where the guild headquarters was to be located.  That’s when the first of several alarms went off inside my head.  I ignored it. 

I understand many folks wouldn’t have blinked an eye at travelling to such a remote location, but this was a real stretch for me.  Not only did I avoid space travel whenever possible, but Dantooine was a wild planet, full of creatures a tailor should not have been within a hundred meters of. 

Upon arriving at the the space port on Dantooine, the guild leader made a comment about how he loved the beautiful pink flowers that covered the landscape as far as the eye could see.  I remember thinking how they constantly reminded me that everything on the planet was out of control – lacking boundaries, domestication and civility.


But I pressed on, determined that I should build a life where I was not dependant on Bermuda and convinced this was the way to go.  Upon reaching the village he’d created in the middle of no where, he explained what exactly I’d signed up for.  Given that the guild consisted of 3 members including he and I, there was much to be done. 

Guild HQ

The most obvious task was recruiting more members. Given instructions to go recruit people to a guild I’d just joined was akin to being asked to go build a space ship.  I hadn’t the first clue about where to begin and I lacked all the right tools for job.  I’m not the type to push my wares, clothing or guilds, on others.  Nor am I skilled at starting up random conversations with strangers.  But at that point my resolve was still strong so I made the long trek back to civilization to figure it out. 

Whenever I need to do some serious thinking, I grab my fishing pole and head for water.  That’s exactly what I did.  I set up to fish in the river close to the Theed Spaceport.   It was a fairly populated area.  If I was lucky someone else might strike up a conversation with me and save me from that awkward initial contact. 

My fishing was interrupted by the sound of blaster fire and grunts of pain as two men tried to hunt the mostly harmless nuna nearby.  Ah-ha!  My medical skills!  That’s how I could meet people.   After all, I had enjoyed my time in the medical center chatting with the patients.  “Where does it hurt?” makes for a good, safe ice breaker… so long as you’re not in a cantina when you utter it.

I followed the gents around with my medical kit, healing and chatting as we went.  They seemed like pretty decent folks and so I asked if they wanted to join the guild.  Presto!  Two new recruits.  I’d single-handedly almost doubled the size of the guild.  Go me!

My excitement was quickly deflated when I spoke to the guild leader about it.  He was less than impressed with my measly 2 recruits.  He wanted more.  Way more. 

And so it went with everything I did or gave to the guild.  It was never enough and there was never so much as a thank you. Within a very short time I found myself weary of unreasonable responsibilities and expectations.  How did I get here?  Is THIS what guilds are about?

I suppose the icing on the cake was my very first trip to a cloning center courtesy of a gang of native peoples as I tried to travel to that village in the middle of no where.  It just wasn’t worth the risk.

I quit the guild and swore that I’d never join another.  Certainly it would be much better to develop friendships where there were no strings attached.


August 4th, 2011 by Bahama

Bermuda’s always been a bit of a free spirit.  It’s rather difficult to keep him in the same place for very long.  While we’d set down roots together there in Bestine, I should have known those roots could never been strong enough to hold my dear Bermuda in one place. 

I’d eventually become accustomed to his habit of fading out of the picture to go adventure in distant lands…. But I’ll be honest,  this first time I wasn’t expecting it.  And it stung.

I was suddenly on my own.  The house was lonely.


I remember having my tea one morning, staring at the wall that held his spare weapons and missing him…


I realized I had a choice to make.  I could stay or leave. But if I was going to stay, I should do so with the intention of making the most of my life here.  No good would come of wishing things would be a way they were not. 

Bermuda had been the center of my social world.  It was time for that to change.