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Full Circle

November 3rd, 2012 by Bahama

While wandering the galaxy contemplating my future I sat in the starport one day waiting on my shuttle.  I was approached by a man dressed in a snappy uniform.  He struck up a conversation and we chatted for a bit.  He invited me to go with him to see his city and consider joining his guild of pilots.

I declined.

But it didn’t end there.  He contacted me several days later and figuring that he wasn’t going to let the matter go till I’d fully investigated what he was offering, I agreed to let him have his say.  I didn’t know that trip to Journey’s End would forever change my life.

Journey’s End

He was persuasive and I did agree to join his guild and live in Journey’s End. That one decision set me off on a journey I never could have dreamed.  I still stand in awe looking back at everything that happened as a result.

It’s all recorded here.

The amazing people I met, the home I crafted for myself there, how I confronted my fears, the friends I made, the adventures I had, the loss that led to rebirth, the comings and goings of Bermuda, the friend I lost, the pilots who made me proud, the trouble one citizen caused, the intrigue of a stranger, the Life Day celebrations, the war that went on around us, the safe return of beloved friends and even the end of an amazing era and the beginning of a new one.

I’ve written it all.  From beginning to end.

I don’t know what will happen next.  I’ve lived long enough to know that life can change in a blink of an eye. But as I discovered in that dream, what matters most of all is the friends I’ve made along the way.  No matter what happens, I’ll cherish them…. and brace myself for whatever the next chapter in life brings.

(( It’s been nearly a year since SWG shut down.  I am so very fortunate that I’ve been able to keep in touch with so many of the friends I made while playing SWG.  Several emulator projects are moving ahead full steam ensuring that Bahama’s story isn’t finished yet.  I look forward to meeting and making new friends in those galaxies far, far away.   See you there!))


Simple Pleasures

June 3rd, 2010 by Bahama

After many weeks of organizing, packing, preparing, delivering things here and there, cleaning, ordering and generally working towards putting Moneta to rest…

I finally took a break.  And what better way to unwind and relax than to go fishing? 

Looking to avoid any crowds I decided to visit one of the remote outposts on Yavin IV.  The weather wasn’t bad …but it’s Yavin IV so that’s not saying it was good either.  It’s never been a favorite fishing spot for me.  The water has an odor to it I can’t quite describe and the bottom of the rivers and lakes tend to be dark and muddy.  You often find that if you stand in the same place too long you slowly start to sink. 

But I set out with the goal of catching a rare fish found only in this place, so I went.   After a few hours with little to show for it, I sat on the shore, nibbled at the lunch I’d brought with me and thought about my shop. 

There’s still quite a bit of organizing I’d like to do.   The inventory has slowly been dwindling… though not as quickly as I’d like.  I won’t have room to store all that is left once I fire the vendors. I should really try to sell off those remaining components since I won’t need those for a while… if ever…

And that’s about when it hit me.  When had it become a forgone conclusion that I was closing up shop for good?  I don’t remember ever making the conscious decision about that. 

Maybe it was preparing for Moneta’s end.  Did I just naturally extend that to my personal life?  Did I just assume that everyone else’s departure should lead me to do the same? 

Perhaps it was that dream.  No doubt, it changed my perspective on all I have here.  It was both a surprise and a relief to find that the greatest joy in life really does reside in those simple pleasures – putting in a hard day’s work, time with old friends and the opportunity to meet new ones, meeting challenges and finding ways to overcome them, taking the hard road and feeling the satisfaction of looking back at how far you’ve come….

I realized that I don’t need the shop, the factory, the vendors, the fancy trinkets, the big house, … I don’t need any of that to live and be happy.  There is a simpler life out there than the one I’ve been trapped in for so long.  And I’m ready to give it a try.  Ready to give up my comforts for a taste of it.

Is this forever?  I don’t really know.  I know enough about how life works to never say never.  But for now?  For now I’m satisfied to put aside the life I’ve been living and get back to the simple things that make me happy. 

Like catching this silly fish.

Goodbye, Moneta

May 30th, 2010 by Bahama

It’s a strange thing for me to be so calm and certain about such a big change.  I don’t know how to explain it except to say that it all feels as if it is happening just as it should be.

For weeks now, many of Moneta’s citizens have been away.  We all found ourselves in that dream and many chose not to return.  I’ve wandered back here every now and again… but not to live. 

I’ve slowly been preparing Moneta for destruction. 

I reorganized the guild supplies and packed away the gardens, cloning center, garage and bank.  I’ve cleaned out the city hall and given away my desk, my chair and everything else that remained.  Little by little, the city we all knew and loved ceased to exist.

As expected, the Planetary Civic Authority began harassing citizens, marking their houses for demolition.  But it mattered little.  I was prepared to do what needed to be done.  My last act as Mayor of Moneta would be to destroy the city hall, erasing Moneta from the Civic Authority’s database and rescuing the remaining structures from it’s overbearing regulations.

Today was that day.

Everything was in place.  I was ready. I stood in the empty city hall and listened to the echo of my voice as I whispered, “Goodbye, Moneta.”

I expected to be overwhelmed with sadness but instead was surprised to feel peace.  Moneta became more than I’d ever imagined she could be.  I was privileged to work with incredible citizens who made her the awesome community she was.  I’m a little relieved to know my job here is done.  I did my best to serve the citizens of Moneta, even as I pushed that self destruct button. 

It was simply time for this to end.  A new era has already begun… and now, with my responsibilities completed, I’m free to move on with my friends.  I can walk away with my head held high, a smile on my face. 

Moneta’s spirit will continue on, her legacy the friendships that transcend this place.


April 2nd, 2010 by Bahama

I tossed and turned in bed last night before finally falling into a deep sleep.

I found myself standing in a stark, door less room.  A few feet from me stood a terminal, lit up brightly and beckoning.  I willed myself to move toward it but my feet did not budge.  I struggled for a few moments and finally managed a step… then another.  For a moment I forgot about the terminal and simply delighted in my ability to walk about.

But suddenly a pale Twi’lek appeared.  I froze and watched as she startled awake and without a word immediately went to the terminal and vanished.  My thoughts swirled with questions.  Who was she?  Where did she come from?  Where had she gone?  Had she seen me?  What did that terminal do?

I cautiously made my way to the terminal.  I remember seeing spheres floating, feeling a bit dizzy and I know I reached out toward the terminal… then it all went dark.

A flash.  I was suddenly bathed in light.  I covered my eyes with my hands trying to keep the burning brightness from my vision while also trying to catch a glimpse of my surroundings.  It was hopeless.  I couldn’t see anything but light. 

I became aware of a constant noise, a din.  I listened carefully.  It was voices.  The sound of many people speaking all at once.  But I could not understand what they said.  There are people here.

The moving shadows I was catching glimpses of through the slits between my fingers were people – humanoids of some sort.  I spread my fingers a bit further.  My eyes reacted by involuntarily shutting again but I willed them open desperate to see who was there.  I caught sight of a darker area to my right and stepped toward it. 

I felt the sand on my toes as I stumbled toward what appeared to be a wall.  It blocked some of the light and there in shade my eyes finally adjusted and revealed my surroundings. 

I know this place.

It was Eisley.  Good old Mos Eisley.  And it was packed with people.  More than I’d seen there in a long, long time.  The Medical Center was nearby and I ducked inside to let my eyes recover for a moment. 

What I saw convinced me I must have suffered permanent damage to my eyes.  I saw doctors!  Humanoid doctors!  It’d been so many years since the medical center had employed humanoid doctors.  The work had all been delegated to the surgical droids for so long…. but here they were!  Real doctors tending wounds, curing disease and lifting the spirits of their patients with the kind of bedside manner no surgical droid could offer.

My joy was quickly shattered by the realization that what I was seeing wasn’t quite right.  It was then I noticed my clothing.  I was dressed in rags.  How did I arrive in such a state?  I reached for my backpack only to discover it wasn’t there.  I had nothing.  No clothing, no supplies, no vehicle, no resources…. and no credits?! 

I rushed back outside pushing the panic away.  There had to be an explanation.  What had happened?  It must be a dream.  No, a nightmare.  Certainly something bad will happen now that will prove it.  And then I will wake up and vow never again to eat 3 day old leftovers from the fridge…

Then it happened.  A good friend appeared. He was himself and yet I don’t remember the last time I’d seen him quite so giddy… oh, yes, that time at the Life Day party when he’d had a bit too much to drink. I still wish I could get the image of him in him dancing in his helmet and underwear out of my mind…

Then another friend appeared.  And another.  And another. They all found themselves in similar states of poverty and incompetence but joyfully went about the business of finding work and learning as if it were all normal and expected.

And I find myself wondering…. am I dreaming now?  Or have I finally just woken up after a long, intricate dream of another life?

I don’t suppose it matters much.  Whether I’m there – with the big house, expensive rare items, comfortable bank account balance, factory full of resources, list of well paying customers, collection of vehicles, etc.   Or whether I’m here – dressed in rags, credit less and without a means of transportation save for my well worn sandals…

Either way I have my good friends to keep me company.  And that makes me the richest, luckiest girl in any universe.


(( Loading into the test server of the SWG Emu was nothing short of amazing.  It’s a work in progress but there is so much that’s done and playable.  Seeing the game in it’s original form has only solidified my opinion that with the NGE,  SOE destroyed so much of what once made SWG great.  Judging from the incredible population on the test server of the EMU it would seem that tons of folks agree. 

I encourage you to go to the SWG Emu site, read about the project and witness the passion of the folks working to restore the SWG I love.  And if you’re up for the challenge, log into the test server. 

Look me up when you get there.  I’ll be around, digging in the dirt for the resources to make |Bahama-Wear| clothing to put up for sale… cause my feet are tired and I’d really like to buy a vehicle 😛  ))