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Archive for the 'tailoring in SWG' Category

Master Tailor

January 24th, 2012 by Bahama

With my new shop ready to go, I hired a vendor and began stocking.  Eventually my hard work paid off and I attained the title of Master Tailor.   To this day, I don’t think I have words to express the thrill I experienced having met this goal.


I do believe I gave my teacher, Odas Peadin, a hug after he’d uttered these words.

It was a new day.  The accomplishment emboldened me.   I got a makeover…

Master Tailor in the Shop

and I took Bermuda on a holiday to Lake Retreat.

Lake Retreat

There I offered him an engraved ring I’d made and asked him to marry me.   He reluctantly agreed.   He never was a jewelry kinda guy…

I enjoyed that holiday so much that I endeavored to expand my business there as well.  I set up a droid to advertise at the shuttle.

shop ad

Besides fishing supplies, I offered casual clothing for the forgetful vacationer and a full service bridal shop!

Things were looking up…

|Bahama-Wear| Is Born

December 12th, 2011 by Bahama

Back in the day, travel wasn’t something you took lightly.  Public transportation was the only option and it wasn’t cheap.  You examined your bank account and thought carefully before buying that ticket.  The excitement you felt while waiting to board was often in direct proportion to the cost of the ticket and the time spent planning for the trip.

My first trip to Naboo was a big deal.  From the moment I stepped foot into the beautiful city of Theed, I was in love.  While I loved our hometown of Bestine, it was clear it wouldn’t be the best place to start a clothing business.  Bermuda did a bit of research for me and came to the conclusion that Theed would be the best choice. 


His involvement in the creation of |Bahama-Wear| didn’t stop there.  He purchased the small generic house and found the ideal location just outside the city.  He funded the initial furnishings, materials for me to stock my first vendor, paid for my tailor education and expressed complete faith in me.  In short, he’s a huge part of how |Bahama-Wear| ever came into being.  And I’m forever grateful for that. 


|Bahama-Wear| was born.  With my shop open for business, I updated my public contact info:

Please visit the |Bahama-Wear| showroom and vendor located just outside Theed at –4323 3419.

(My shop stood there in that same spot on Ahazi from the day I placed it in 2004 till it was packed in the housing pack up event in 2007.  I returned shortly thereafter and replaced it in that same location.  It will be right there when the lights go out 3 days from now.)


July 24th, 2011 by Bahama

Those first few months flew by.  I stayed close to home while Bermuda adventured.  But the loneliness of my work desk at home quickly got to me. 

Work Desk

So packed up my fabrics, needles and thread and set out to work closer to the city. The medical center was there near the gate and provided some shade while I hand sampled for materials.  I struck up a conversation with the head doctor there who offered to train me in basic medical techniques.  I accepted.

Day after day I’d pack my bag full of supplies and sit in the medical center, sewing while waiting for the injured to come in for treatment.  It was an ideal arrangement for me.  I enjoyed the opportunity to help people and meet new folks.  I had plenty of time to work on my clothing between patients.  My career was progressing nicely.

Novice Tailor

July 14th, 2011 by Bahama

One of the main reasons we set our home outside Bestine was because Bestine had a tailor trainer.  While I know many who learned the trade from friends and aquantainces in the business, I always sought my training from the professional trainers found throughout the galaxy.  The day I earned my ‘Novice Tailor’ title, Ms. Emaco was there in Bestine offering training for a fee.

Tailor Trainer in Bestine

I’d practiced making simple shirts and shoes up till that point, but now I was officially a tailor.   Bermuda took this photo of me to remember the day…

Novice Tailor

Bahama, Novice Tailor 

(Did I really ever look like that?!?)

Clothed in Confidence

October 15th, 2010 by Bahama

It should come as no surprise that many of my customers are performers by trade.  Being in the spotlight, they require various costumes and need to pay special attention to their appearance.  Their business can be a blessing… but at times it can also be unsettling.

I know many talented entertainers who work the cantinas who’s focus is clearly on their art, whether that be music or dance.  But one doesn’t have to hang around the cantina for long to realize that there are some who frequent these places who are shopping for something more than a song and dance.

Not many people know this, but when I first began my career as a tailor, I avoided using certain well known patterns and making some popular items for entertainers.  I saw first hand the reaction some of these more risque costumes begot and it wasn’t always respectful. 

I knew it wasn’t my job to dictate what people should wear and I knew that most of the female entertainers knew just how to deal with unwanted advances.  But there were those few, young and vulnerable, that I felt were in very real danger of being taken advantage of.  And for a long while I simply couldn’t bring myself to craft clothing that might increase that likelihood.

Since then, I’ve seen the inner workings of the entertainer networks a bit more clearly and I’ve come to understand that overwhelmingly the elder ents are looking out for the young ones, teaching them what they need to know to stay safe.  I’ve stocked my vendor with all types of costumes for many years now and rarely give it a second thought… Save for the occasional  young woman who reminds me. 

Today such a performer came to my shop.   She was just starting out and wanted to lay the foundation of her wardrobe.  She wore one of the standard costumes and asked to see it in some other colors as well as any other costumes I thought might help her attract attention where there was competition for business.

As I worked we chatted.  She was sweet and spoke with a soft, polite tone.   She told me how she’d been offered employment in a private establishment but that she wasn’t sure she wanted the job.  “I’m not sure if I’m completely comfortable with everything that goes on there but I told her I’d give it a shot”, she explained. 

I paused for a moment and just stared at the sheer fabric I was working with, considering her words.  I took a breath and continued sewing.  “I’ve always found it best to stay true to yourself.  Don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with”, I said matter-of-factly.  I kept my eyes focused on my work as I inquired, “Is the work in Eisly profitable?”

“It is, yet the competition is a lot heavier than I am used to.  I would love to be able to find a more wholesome privately run establishment…. It seems too many of these cantinas are skeletons now a days.”

I made her a couple of costumes that looked amazing on her.   We got her some more reserved clothing to wear outside of work and, as usual, finished off with some matching accessories.  She was a joy to work with.

With her new wardrobe safely in her pack and her bill paid, I gave her a gift.   It was an entertainer’s dressing robe, made specially for preventing accidental exposure during wardrobe changes in crowded cantinas.  “I know how those gents in the cantinas can be”, I explained.

She laughed and agreed, “I know what you mean.”  She added, “And I decided that I’ll just be bartending at the club.”  I told her I was relieved to hear it.   And I was.

She left the shop with a giggle and a smile, leaving me confident that she’ll be alright, no matter what she wears.

Tales of a Useless Tailor

February 10th, 2009 by Bahama

My devotion to the members of the Moneta Community Network is unwavering.  Like many of our members, I spend a good portion of my time and energy working toward making things better for everyone. Overall, I enjoy my role and don’t mind the work required to get the job done.

Much of what I do everyday goes unseen by most of the members.  I maintain the roster, send out emails, get information to new members, work out problems behind the scenes, strategize ways to improve the way we run things, regularly check in with key members to provide support and run errands to get folks what they need, etc.  

Yet there are times when it just doesn’t seem like enough.  In addition to my other responsibilities, I am our guild’s only tailor.  I’m also the only one who does any sort of cooking.  It’s in these areas that I most often feel like I’m really rather useless. 

Sure, I provide uniforms for the squad and offer free wardrobe consultations to all the guild members…. but I remain entirely useless at providing enhanced clothing with could significantly help folks out. 

I make sure that everyone has access to munchies and crunchies…. but while being very tasty, I’m afraid the nutritional value of my food leaves much to be desired.

I know there must be those out there who think that I could do either or both if only I’d put the effort in.  And they would be right.  But the truth is that I sometimes struggle to keep on top of everything that’s already on my plate.  Beyond just the time and energy it would require, I must admit that neither enhanced clothing or quality food really move me.  Just the thought of having to attend culinary classes or spend countless hours fiddling with my reverse engineering tool is enough to make me want to pack my bags and disappear.

So it seems that despite my occasional bouts with guilt, I shall remain the useless tailor, providing mediocre goods to these extraordinary people.   And hoping they’ll forgive my ignorance. :)

Secret to Success

July 10th, 2008 by Bahama

Many years ago, when I was first starting |Bahama-Wear|, I dreamt of a successful tailoring business.  Back then I thought if I could just sell enough clothing to support myself, I’d be successful. 

Recently I’ve been thinking about what success means now.  Admiral Fenris shared his thoughts on achieving the rank of Admiral and obtaining his pride and joy, the Agamemnon.  I completely understand how he might be a bit sad to have reached the top. 

My business now is successful beyond anything I’d imagined.  Just the other day, a customer I’d never met called me a celebrity.  I still find that rather funny and I know he was probably just being a little dramatic…. but it made me think.

I have achieved creating a successful tailoring business.  So what’s next?

I like having goals.  I like working toward something.  So is there still something for me to work toward? 

Though sometimes it’s like keeping up with the laundry, I try to keep my vendors well stocked.  I work toward serving the customers I have and winning over new ones.  I work to supply uniforms to the fleet and find ways to get all our members everything they need to succeed in their choosen professions.

But in all the work and goals and meanings of success, a key thing is lost.  See, I didn’t become a tailor because I wanted a successful business.  I became a tailor because I have a passion for clothes.  Because I love the thrill of putting together a terrific outfit or discovering a color I’ve never tried before or making someone look really good. 

Success isn’t defined by how many customers, ships or credits.  It doesn’t depend on level or rank.

Success is knowing what you love to do and being able to do it. 

A Couple of Rings

June 12th, 2008 by Bahama

I was working in my shop the other day when a couple came in. 

The woman walked in and the gentleman ran in after her yelling, “Hey!”

I said hello and asked if there was anything I could help them with.  The woman ignored me and walked over to the vendor.  The gentleman looked at me and said, “I need a ring.”  Before I had a chance to respond the woman said, “Come on, I got one.” 

“Well I need one”, he replied.  In a harsh tone she said, “You didn’t get yourself one??!!”   Sheepishly he replied, “No.”  She marched back over to the vendor and purchased a second ring.   I smiled gently at the gentleman and said, “Looks like she’s got it for you.”

She swung around abruptly and said, “There!  Now let’s go.”  She was out the door in a flash.  The gentleman politely thanked me and then ran after her.

I give that marriage 3 days.

One Man’s Trash

June 5th, 2008 by Bahama

Sunset over Merchant Tent

I was out doing some bargain hunting the other day.  I did a search for all items selling for a credit.   I picked up a couple of paintings, a load of couches we used to decorate the guildhall and various little nick-nacks.  Good deals, all of them.

A pack for sale caught my eye.  It was named “+20 Power Bits”.   I don’t do much work at all with enhanced items.  The couple of time I’ve bothered to enhance a piece of clothing it’s been just to add +10 luck to a wedding gown.  After all, every girl should have as much luck as possible on her big day!

To someone who doesn’t work with them much, +20 power bits are quite high.  The limit is +35 and it takes someone with a lot of experience and luck to produce that.  I personally can’t make a +5 bit so I quickly saved the waypoint for the +20 pack and went to check it out.

The vendor the pack appeared on had only a few items on it.  Other packs were labeled ‘+30 bits’ and ‘+35 bits’.   Every other pack was listed for the maximum number of credits – so not really for sale at all.  Why the heck would someone be dumping a pack full of +20’s?

I purchased the pack and was immediately guilt ridden.  It had to be a mistake.  None of the other packs were for sale.  A pack with 34 +20 bits was certainly worth more than a credit.  This poor trader had made a mistake and here I was taking advantage.  Shame on me!

I quickly took down the name of the woman who owned the rest of the packs on the vendor and added her to my friend list.  When she showed up as available, I tentatively sent her a tell.

“I bought a pack from your vendor yesterday.  I think it might have been a mistake”, I began.   “The +20 power bits?”, she replied.   See.  I knew it.  Too good to be true.  It was a mistake.  I started thinking about whether I’d retained the waypoint for the shop so I could return it to her…

“No, that wasn’t a mistake.  I don’t use the 20’s.  Only 30’s and up.”, she said.  I reread that line over and over with my jaw hanging low.  Whoa!  She doesn’t even use the +20’s.  They’re beneath her.  She continued, “I was actually planning to fill that pack up with 20’s before you bought it.”  

Needless to say, I’ve saved the waypoint of that vendor.  One man’s trash…(No, you can’t have it.  Go find your own trash! :P)

Master Trader – Part I

May 30th, 2008 by Bahama

I’ve seen a lot more traders around lately.  You see them surveying for materials outside Mos Eisley or at the bazaar, presumably selling their wares.  Many I’ve met are concerned about one thing – becoming a master of their trade. They set their crafting tools to practice mode put it on auto and expect to come back a few hours later a master trader.

But from where I’m sitting, I think they’re missing the point.  You’re not a master trader until you’ve mastered trading, or the buying and selling of commodities.  Otherwise you’re just a collector of schematics.

So, what’s my advice to new traders seeking fame and fortune?  For starters, take your tool off practice mode.  Actually make, by hand, several units of every item you have a schematic for. 

  • Record what materials are needed for each. You’ll need this information later to know which materials and how much of each you’ll need to harvest or purchase. 
  • Take the time to figure out how much each item costs you to produce.  Now’s the time to start developing your price list and step one in doing that is figuring out how much you need to pay just to make it.
  • Do some market research.  Head to the bazaar and see what comparable items are going for across the galaxy.  How many are up for sale already?  Who’s your competetion? Is there a niche that’s been overlooked that perhaps you can fill?
  • Get a vendor.  Place a shop, set up a vendor and begin to sell the items you can make.  You’re going to have to experiment a bit to see which items will sell best and at which price.   Don’t assume that because an item is lower level there isn’t a demand for it.  It’s also ok to sell things for less than they cost you to make.  You’re paying for your education here!
  • List on the bazaar.  It’s a whole different game.  Items tend to sell for much more on the bazaar in Mos Eisley than on vendors.  Folks will pay more for the convenience.  You’ll also find that demand is different.  Those who are new to the galaxy have different needs and wants than those that have been around a while.  So experiment and find out what you can make that they want.

That should keep all you traders busy for a bit 😉  Next up: What you need to run your business.