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August 4th, 2011 by Bahama

Bermuda’s always been a bit of a free spirit.  It’s rather difficult to keep him in the same place for very long.  While we’d set down roots together there in Bestine, I should have known those roots could never been strong enough to hold my dear Bermuda in one place. 

I’d eventually become accustomed to his habit of fading out of the picture to go adventure in distant lands…. But I’ll be honest,  this first time I wasn’t expecting it.  And it stung.

I was suddenly on my own.  The house was lonely.


I remember having my tea one morning, staring at the wall that held his spare weapons and missing him…


I realized I had a choice to make.  I could stay or leave. But if I was going to stay, I should do so with the intention of making the most of my life here.  No good would come of wishing things would be a way they were not. 

Bermuda had been the center of my social world.  It was time for that to change.


July 24th, 2011 by Bahama

Those first few months flew by.  I stayed close to home while Bermuda adventured.  But the loneliness of my work desk at home quickly got to me. 

Work Desk

So packed up my fabrics, needles and thread and set out to work closer to the city. The medical center was there near the gate and provided some shade while I hand sampled for materials.  I struck up a conversation with the head doctor there who offered to train me in basic medical techniques.  I accepted.

Day after day I’d pack my bag full of supplies and sit in the medical center, sewing while waiting for the injured to come in for treatment.  It was an ideal arrangement for me.  I enjoyed the opportunity to help people and meet new folks.  I had plenty of time to work on my clothing between patients.  My career was progressing nicely.

Bestine’s Best

July 15th, 2011 by Bahama

One of the more odd things about living outside Bestine was the heavy Imperial presence throughout the area.  It wasn’t uncommon at all to see troops from the doorstep of our home.  

Troops On Our Doorstep

I was quite nervous the first time I was stopped and asked to submit to a scan.  The Captain ran up to me as if I was going to try to make a break for it… with a dozen blasters at the ready?! To be surrounded by the group of them, all starring at me through darkened helmets was frightening. 

Stopped By Troopers

The scan was soon finished and they moved on. 

Stopped By Troopers 2

With so many troops around, it wasn’t long till I was used to such scans.  I would even make small talk with the troops as they conducted their work.  After all, it was good for business.   Just don’t tell Bermuda 😉


Novice Tailor

July 14th, 2011 by Bahama

One of the main reasons we set our home outside Bestine was because Bestine had a tailor trainer.  While I know many who learned the trade from friends and aquantainces in the business, I always sought my training from the professional trainers found throughout the galaxy.  The day I earned my ‘Novice Tailor’ title, Ms. Emaco was there in Bestine offering training for a fee.

Tailor Trainer in Bestine

I’d practiced making simple shirts and shoes up till that point, but now I was officially a tailor.   Bermuda took this photo of me to remember the day…

Novice Tailor

Bahama, Novice Tailor 

(Did I really ever look like that?!?)

House Pets

July 10th, 2011 by Bahama

Not long after we set up our new home, Bermuda greeted me on our doorstep with a ‘surprise’ to show me.

You’re not bringing that inside

See, he had this love of animals and even took the time and trouble to get them to follow him home.  He always so excited to show me his new ‘Fluffy’.  My reaction was usually the same.

“You’re not bringing that inside, right?”

Get off the furniture

That couch didn’t last long and I didn’t bother to try to replace it with another.

Seedy Cantinas

July 8th, 2011 by Bahama

I’ve never been a fan of the cantina.  Other than delivering clothing to a customer, I prefer to avoid them in general.  I suppose it’s partly due to the fact that I’ve often seen things there I wish I hadn’t.

For example, I once went to Mos Eisley to meet up with Bermuda.  This is how I found him:


Yeah, there are some things I’d just rather not know….

Bermuda’s Pest Removal

July 7th, 2011 by Bahama

It didn’t take long for me to learn that this galaxy was a dangerous place.  I needed to keep my eyes open, pay attention to my surroundings, avoid the wildlife and know when to run.  Despite my misgivings, Bermuda made sure I had a functioning weapon and that I knew how to use it. 

First KillWhat you see in the background is the corpse of the very first creature I ever killed… under Bermuda’s supervision, of course.  Impressive, I know.

Still, I avoided having to use it when ever possible.  Even calling Bermuda from across the galaxy to come home and please remove the nest of eopie from our doorstep.  Which, being the wonderful husband he is, he dutifily did.

Bermuda’s Pest Removal

Of course once the pests had been removed, the spice he’d consumed to ensure his safety began to wear off…  which anyone who’s ever had the stuff knows means a very angry tummy. 

 Bermuda Pukes

 Thank goodness I was a tailor and could make myself a new pair of shoes.

Date Night

July 6th, 2011 by Bahama

Bermuda may not be the most romantic guy in the galaxy but let it not be said he doesn’t know how to show a girl a good time…

Taking a Ride

What’s more romantic than building a warm, cheery fire and playing some music just for her?

Romantic Evening


July 3rd, 2011 by Bahama

((I’m not sure what to say about the announcement that my beloved Galaxies will be discontinued later this year.  While it feels right for SOE’s SWG to end, I can’t begin to put into words the range of emotions I feel thinking back on my history with the game.  From the thrill of that first character creation to the anger at the NGE… SWG has been a big part of my life for the past 7 years. 

 Inspired by this post, I’ve decided it’s a good time to reminisce…))

Back in the day, home ownership would have been something completely out of reach for a tailor still in the beginnings of her career.  But thanks to Bermuda’s tireless efforts, he and I were able to purchase our first humble home outside of Bestine.

Home… a welcome sight

It felt like we were setting down roots.  Little did I know how deep those roots would go…


Clothed in Confidence

October 15th, 2010 by Bahama

It should come as no surprise that many of my customers are performers by trade.  Being in the spotlight, they require various costumes and need to pay special attention to their appearance.  Their business can be a blessing… but at times it can also be unsettling.

I know many talented entertainers who work the cantinas who’s focus is clearly on their art, whether that be music or dance.  But one doesn’t have to hang around the cantina for long to realize that there are some who frequent these places who are shopping for something more than a song and dance.

Not many people know this, but when I first began my career as a tailor, I avoided using certain well known patterns and making some popular items for entertainers.  I saw first hand the reaction some of these more risque costumes begot and it wasn’t always respectful. 

I knew it wasn’t my job to dictate what people should wear and I knew that most of the female entertainers knew just how to deal with unwanted advances.  But there were those few, young and vulnerable, that I felt were in very real danger of being taken advantage of.  And for a long while I simply couldn’t bring myself to craft clothing that might increase that likelihood.

Since then, I’ve seen the inner workings of the entertainer networks a bit more clearly and I’ve come to understand that overwhelmingly the elder ents are looking out for the young ones, teaching them what they need to know to stay safe.  I’ve stocked my vendor with all types of costumes for many years now and rarely give it a second thought… Save for the occasional  young woman who reminds me. 

Today such a performer came to my shop.   She was just starting out and wanted to lay the foundation of her wardrobe.  She wore one of the standard costumes and asked to see it in some other colors as well as any other costumes I thought might help her attract attention where there was competition for business.

As I worked we chatted.  She was sweet and spoke with a soft, polite tone.   She told me how she’d been offered employment in a private establishment but that she wasn’t sure she wanted the job.  “I’m not sure if I’m completely comfortable with everything that goes on there but I told her I’d give it a shot”, she explained. 

I paused for a moment and just stared at the sheer fabric I was working with, considering her words.  I took a breath and continued sewing.  “I’ve always found it best to stay true to yourself.  Don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with”, I said matter-of-factly.  I kept my eyes focused on my work as I inquired, “Is the work in Eisly profitable?”

“It is, yet the competition is a lot heavier than I am used to.  I would love to be able to find a more wholesome privately run establishment…. It seems too many of these cantinas are skeletons now a days.”

I made her a couple of costumes that looked amazing on her.   We got her some more reserved clothing to wear outside of work and, as usual, finished off with some matching accessories.  She was a joy to work with.

With her new wardrobe safely in her pack and her bill paid, I gave her a gift.   It was an entertainer’s dressing robe, made specially for preventing accidental exposure during wardrobe changes in crowded cantinas.  “I know how those gents in the cantinas can be”, I explained.

She laughed and agreed, “I know what you mean.”  She added, “And I decided that I’ll just be bartending at the club.”  I told her I was relieved to hear it.   And I was.

She left the shop with a giggle and a smile, leaving me confident that she’ll be alright, no matter what she wears.